Hourly Services

MMG's hourly consulting services are designed to achieve multiple, but integrated objectives by developing and detailing informed perspectives on members of the jury and case witnesses. To that end, hourly services consist of support that includes, but is not limited to, assistance with:

  • Deposition Evaluations
  • Witness Preparation
  • Theme Development
  • Opening and Closing Presentations
  • Visual Strategy
  • Jury Questionnaires
  • Voir Dire Consultation
  • Jury Selection
  • Trial Monitoring

Jury Research

Jury research at MMG is conducted according to the principles of sound research methodology and statistics. Every research exercise is designed with the case needs in mind. Just as not all cases are the same, not all case issues can be adequately addressed with a traditional exercise. Therefore, the first step is to assure that the research methodology is designed to answer the specific questions that need to be answered, and does so in a valid and reliable manner. The next step is to ensure a quality recruit through demographic matching to the trial venue, whether the actual venue or a matched venue is used for the research. Finally, precise and proven statistics are used to analyze the results, taking into account the size of the sample and the needs of the case.

Telephone Surveys

Telephone surveys provide large samples of data to permit valid and reliable statistical analyses. These surveys deliver a peek into juror perceptions of the merits and weaknesses of a case at a visceral level. They are typically used for purposes of juror profiling, evaluation of media exposure and related bias regarding a case, as well as for high-level assessments of jurors' instinctive reactions to case facts.

Mock Trials/Focus Groups

When it comes to jury research, one size never fits all. Focus group designs are based not on a pre-determined methodology, but on an evaluation of the needs of the particular case and the key issues that need to be evaluated. Whether litigation needs require valuing the case for possible settlement, focusing in on one or two key issues to present to the jury, testing the effectiveness of a key fact or expert witness, or evaluating the whole case story, focus groups can be designed to answer a wide range of conditions, as well as budgets.

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